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IP Nano Temp PoE Thermometer with Management Software for 3 months free

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Vendor: Inveo
Product code: NANO_TEMP_POE

IP Nano Temp PoE Thermometer

The Nano Temperature Sensor PoE is an IP thermometer designed for remote temperature readings over an Ethernet network. The module features an LED display that shows the current temperature reading from the 1-Wire DS18B20 sensor. The device is powered through PoE (Power over Ethernet) compliant with IEEE 802.3af, facilitating everyday communication and monitoring in any given room.

Key Information




External Application


CE MonitorApp, WEB Interface

Measurement Range

-55°C to +125°C 

Power Supply

PoE IEEE 802.3af or 12-24VDC

Typical Applications

IT, Greenhouses, Pools 

IP Thermometer Communication Method

The IP thermometer is equipped with a WWW server, allowing communication using standard web browsers. Preferred browsers are FIREFOX, OPERA, CHROME. This solution enables continuous communication via, for example, a computer from anywhere in the building.

Communication can also occur from the Windows/Linux command line through the HTTP protocol, as well as through the Modbus TCP protocol via a proprietary application (protocol provided). This is undoubtedly convenient for managing dozens of devices requiring constant monitoring. This solution also helps to prevent failures or mitigates them.

CE MonitorApp Management Software – Simple Environmental Monitoring with Multiple Notification Options

CE MonitorApp is advanced software enabling effective monitoring of climate conditions in various environments, such as server rooms, warehouses, production lines, or industrial spaces. This system was designed to provide users with full control over climatic conditions in the work environment, without the need for expensive equipment and complicated setup.

Register and test for 30 days for free


Click here to test for free


1. Cost Savings:

  • CE MonitorApp reduces the need for investments in expensive LTE modems, UPSs, or allocating server space.
  • Minimizing IT infrastructure and maintenance expenditures.

2. Custom Adaptation:

  • Ability to customize and expand the application according to individual customer requirements.
  • Flexibility in integration with various systems and devices without limits for individual manufacturers

3. Intuitive and Simple Operation:

  • Easy configuration and user-friendly interface.
  • Quick access to data and analyses through the built-in WWW interface.

4. Advanced Notifications:

  • Receiving SMS and email notifications about environmental condition changes.
  • Ability to set alerts based on individual parameters.
  • Exporting data to xlsx or csv files

5. Data Security and Protection:

  • Optional SecurityHUB module for additional data encryption.
  • Assurance that confidential information is securely stored and transmitted.

6. Comprehensive Technical Support:

  • Professional technical support available via phone, email, or chat.
  • Quick problem resolution and configuration support.

How can you use the IP Nano Temp PoE thermometer?

The IP Nano Temp PoE thermometer can work with other Nano series modules and Lantick via M2M connection to create a remote alarm activation path upon exceeding a set temperature (e.g., automatic activation of air conditioning upon exceeding the set temperature). The IP thermometer, thanks to its built-in intelligence, allows for easy and quick operation from anywhere. All that is needed for its operation is a mobile device with Internet access.

Using the application provided by the manufacturer, ITR, the user can monitor readings from 4 sensors simultaneously on one screen, facilitating IT work.


Nano Temperature Sensor PoE website

Who is Nano Temp for?

Nano Temp is ideal where there is a need for continuous temperature control (greenhouses, aquatic breeding tanks, pools, etc.) Example: due to strong sunlight, the temperature in a greenhouse is too high for the plants being cultivated. The sensor signals a temperature rise. We receive information about this, for example, on our phone.

We can react and commission, for example, the activation of sprinklers or create a system of dependencies using other relay modules (Nano Out, Lantick), which will automatically close blinds, turn on sprinklers, etc., upon exceeding a specified temperature.

Check tests and configuration

Example Environments:

  • Server Rooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Aquatic Breeding Tanks
  • Pools

MQTT Service

The IP NANO Temperature Sensor sends the current temperature to the INVEO cloud.

Data is sent every 1 minute and whenever it changes. With the appropriate app installed, we can read the temperature directly on a mobile phone. This is a very convenient solution because it can prevent failures or allow for much quicker response in the event of their occurrence.

The advantage of using the INVEO MQTT service is that there is no need for port forwarding on the router. Simply connect the NANO Temperature Sensor to the home router, configure the app, and enjoy remote temperature readings.

Technical Data


Supported Protocols:

  • HTTP (Get)
  • SNMP (Trap)
  • Modbus TCP
  • TCP (protocol provided)
  • MQTT Inveo


Power Supply:

PoE IEEE 802.3af or 12-24VDC
Power consumption: 1.5W


  • 1 LAN connector
  • 1 RESET button
  • 1 screw terminal for 1-Wire bus
  • 1 screw terminal for 12-24 VDC power

Measured Temperature Range:

  • -55°C to +125°C



  • height: 27 mm; width: 74.6 mm; length: 50.1 mm

The IP Nano Temperature Sensor module provides access to several resources that can be read using the HTTP get protocol.

status.xml -resource containing basic information about the module
temp1.txt -temperature presented in text form

The IP Nano TEMP PoE thermometer set includes:

  • Nano Temperature Sensor PoE module
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor (1m)
  • 0.5m patch cord

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