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EDGAR WiFi: WiFi to RS232 or RS485 converter EDGAR WiFi: WiFi to RS232 or RS485 converter
Vendor: Papouch


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Converters, that’s highest level data transmission

Converter is a device which switches from one data transmission standard to another. The only change here is in the way of information representation, while the transferred data remains unchanged. The change may take place electrically (e.g. TTL to CMOS standard), the transition from digital signals to analogue signals or vice versa. The change may also apply to data transfer centre. However, in practice converters are small units in casings with DB9 or DB25 sockets, to be connected to RS232 ports of PC computers.

Our online shop offer includes converters from global manufacturers, as e.g.: CEL-MAR, Import, Inveo or Papouch. We offer highest class models (measuring converter - 1-Wire Inveo OW EXPLORER, two-way converter ETHERNET to RS232 - Papouch Gnome, converter from Ethernet to RS 422 and other). We offer wide selection of different types of converters, therefore you will easily find the model you need. 


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