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Server room or distribution point

AVTECH Linear Cable Leak Sensor AVTECH Linear Cable Leak Sensor


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Monitoring of server rooms and telecommunications cabinets (sensors, gauges, server room monitoring set and many others)

Monitoring of server rooms and telecommunications cabinets is an extremely important factor ensuring the continuity of company operation. Too high temperature, humidity, or abrupt flooding or leak from an air-conditioning unit has great impact on server room operation. Temperature and humidity sensors, leak and smoke detectors combined with monitoring units for server rooms and telecommunications cabinets guarantee permanent control of ambient conditions in real time.

Moreover, they immediately inform about an ensuing threat. In our wide selection of hardware designed for monitoring of server rooms and telecommunications cabinets you will find highest class equipment. Our offer includes: communication and information infrastructure controller, IT infrastructure monitoring system, temperature and humidity monitoring system, IP thermometer, server room monitoring set, power strip, power controller, measuring transducer, temperature and humidity gauges and many other devices required for proper and fully professional equipping of your server room.

What is server room monitoring and what does it involve?

Server room monitoring is an extremely important function allowing to keep the room in proper condition. Monitoring makes it possible to protect hardware inside. Wrong ambient conditions, as e.g.: extreme temperatures (either low or high), excessive humidity, or water leaks may pose serious threat for the equipment in your server room.

Therefore, adequately chosen server room monitoring system is extremely important. This system should guarantee keeping suitable results dependent on numerous elements, including: proper ventilation, room layout, or airflow.

How does server room monitoring work? Find out about the most important areas of application.

To a large extent, server room monitoring involves keeping specific parameters at the same level, thus guaranteeing that all electronic devices work in conditions, which are most comfortable for them.

  • Firstly, this type of monitoring carries out continuous control of air humidity level in server rooms.
  • Secondly, it continuously checks air temperature.
  • Thirdly, it also examines other conditions (including ambient air conditions), which may negatively affect the work of servers and other units.

In case of occurrence of any deviations from the standard – the monitoring system acts by sending an immediate information about a certain incidence to the right person. Thus, the system makes it possible to respond quickly and to avoid more serious consequences (e.g. overheating, fire, or even complete hardware destruction).

How to monitor the temperature in server room? What devices to choose for this purpose?

The process of temperature monitoring in a server room can be effected in many different ways, using different devices - depending on your budget, your infrastructure complexity level, current needs, and the character of your company work.

In our online shop you will find everything you need for professional monitoring and control of temperature, humidity and many other crucial parameters in your server room.

Get to know our wide offer, and then choose the products that will satisfy your needs best.

Simple server room monitoring - sensors, transducers and many other required devices.

Simple monitoring is dedicated for small server rooms, elevated locations and single server cabinets. You will find everything you need in the offer of our online shop with equipment responsible for simple server room monitoring.

You will purchase from us equipment delivered exclusively by well-known and valued manufacturers. The wide range of devices designed for simple server room monitoring includes e.g.: Papouch recorders - various types of temperature and humidity gauges, thermometers and temperature sensors and many other required devices. Moreover, you can order from us Vultan controllers (server room monitoring sets, expansion units, contact modules, and other) and Avtech controllers - online thermometers, wireless sensors, or temperature monitoring units. We offer top quality Inveo transducers (thermometers) and sensors. 

You will purchase from us everything that is needed for professional server room equipment. 

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